the proper way to taste beer

We’re no longer in the times of quickly chugging down whatever big name, mass produced beers are tossed in front of us. The craft beer movement has hit hard, and learning the nuances and proper ways to taste beer is useful for helping you to explore and enjoy the different types of beers that are available. We are huge beer enthusiasts ourselves at Brew-EZ. We want our app to connect knowledgeable brew aficionados with first-rate local breweries and tap houses. We are looking to help you earn free and discounted beers at top-of-the line locations every month. We hope the tips below can help you to enjoy your beers to the fullest!

The Pour

Many people can overlook the significance of a perfectly poured beer. No matter if your beer is bottled, canned, or draft, the pour is essential. To start, you will need to pour the beer gently down the side of your glass to work up a little bit of agitation in the carbonation. If your beer contains less carbonation, move the pour towards the center of the glass to create the perfect head of foam. The goal with the head is to be about 2-3 fingers deep. There are some beers with a bit of visible yeast at the bottom of the bottle that is meant to be drunk with the beer. In those cases, stop your pour a little bit before the bottle is empty. Swirl the remaining liquid around to lift the yeast sediment, and pour what remains into your glass.

The Look

Take note of the appearance of the head on your beer. Is it dense or thin? Is it pure white or is it a light to medium brown? Next examine the color of the beer itself by holding it up to the light. Note whether it is cloudy or clear. You can expect different beers to look different, and the way to learn them all is to keep trying different varieties.

The Smell

Swirl your glass lightly, and put your nose directly in the glass. Take several breaths. Alternating between breathing through your nose and your mouth is a helpful tactic to ensure that you are fully experiencing the aroma that the beer has to offer. There can be quite a few different fragrances present in each glass, so take your time to notice all the different flavors you can smell.

The First Taste

It’s finally time to take a sip! Just take a small taste, enough to coat your mouth. Swallow, and pay attention to the differences in flavor that can develop from the initial taste to the finish. Unlike wine, beer must be swallowed to fully experience the taste.

One More Sip

Take one more sip, and this time notice the weight and feel of the beer in your mouth. If you’ve tried multiple beers of that style, how does it compare? This second sip can also help to define any flavors you were unsure about with your first taste.

Finally Enjoy!

Now it’s time to sit back, relax, take a deep breath, and finish your beer. Work your way through some of the steps again while you drink more of your beer. As you drink, consider any changes as the beer slightly warms up and releases other subtle taste notes. If you’re looking for some fantastic breweries and tap houses near you as well as monthly discounts, then be sure to check out Brew-EZ. You can download our app on iTunes or in the Google Play Store. Armed with your knowledge of proper beer tasting, you’ll be ready to get out there and appreciate your brews on a whole new level.


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