About Us

With roots established in Colorado and watered by the nation’s best beer, we’re proud to be associated with the Mile High City’s incredible network of brewery owners. Unlike most industries, craft and micro breweries have proven to be exceptionally supportive of other beer makers, not seeing each other as competitors, but instead as collaborators. The Brew EZ app is our way to give back to the community of brewers who give so much to others.

Though our craft beer app is headquartered in Denver, our mission is to grow our platform to include neighborhood breweries across the nation, giving breweries and their patrons a way to connect before they ever meet in the taphouse. As fans of craft beer ourselves, we noticed a gap between traditional loyalty programs and traditional beer apps. Sure, there are plenty that allow breweries to share their menus, hours and events but don’t encourage frequent visits. Brew EZ bridges that gap, offering rewards and incentives to both the purveyor and the partaker. In other words, Brew EZ connects people over their mutual love of beer.

Whether you’re the guy who has to be among the first to try a new release, or that woman who knows a great New England IPA when she tastes one (and always wants another), you’ll be rewarded with every pint, growler, or crowler you pick up from your favorite watering hole. Find new must-have brews, show loyalty to your tried-and-true favorites, and earn more than just a badge for your loyalty — earn more beer.

Working to offer a superior advertising platform and loyalty rewards program for breweries across Colorado (and soon, the nation), the team at Brew EZ is committed to ensuring an easy-to-navigate, intuitive beer and brewery app that benefits everyone. Find out more about partnership details and rates by contacting the Brew EZ team now.


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