General Questions

You download the app from Apple or the Google play store

Nothing, it’s completely free to download and use most features such as first stage of digital loyalty pass, tracking all beers and locations visited and using the Drink on Me to buy friends a drink.

Simply find a brewery in our network, go inside, order a beer, select the 1st punch of the digital loyalty card and then select the beer you ordered from the breweries list, scan the QR code and enjoy your beer. Drink 9 more beers and you will receive a free beer (or discounted beer depending on the state)!

Yes. Whatever the breweries approve to redeem a punch.

You receive 2-50% off beers at each location in our network EVERY month! You also unlock the extra stages on the digital loyalty card. So instead of only having access to 1 stage you have access to all 10.

Every time you complete one stage (buy X get 1 free = a stage) and redeem your free beer you move on to the next stage. Every stage contains 1 less beer to buy to redeem the free one. All the way to the last stage being a BOGO (buy one get one free)!

EZ! Click on the beer mugs cheersing and then find a friend from your contacts or Facebook. They must have our app to receive and use the drink. If the person you want to send a drink does not have our app send your referral code and sign them up. Once you have selected a friend enter whether you want to send them a $6 or $8 beer and then enter the quantity you want to send. Attach a message and a photo if you would like and hit send! Attach a credit card that goes through a secure third-party network.

They have 3 days to accept your gift. If they do not accept in 3 days your credit card will not be charged and the gift will disappear.

Each user has been assigned a specific code for referrals. Every time you invite 10 of your friends and they sign up for the app you get yourself a free beer at any location of your choice. The more friends you get to sign on the more FREE beer you can drink. There is no limit! They must use your referral code when they sign up for you to redeem points for it.

EZ! Go into your favorites page in the menu bar. Select the brewery you want to leave a review for. It will go directly to their company and they can write you back as soon as they receive it. Please keep in mind we do not sponsor any inappropriate behavior or foul language of any kind so be respectful.

You go into your favorites page under locations you will select the location you were at and then find the beer you are currently drinking. Then you can give it a star rating and even add a flavor profile so when you come back you can remember why you like what beer.

We are starting in Denver, Colorado and will be expanding soon. We will send you notifications every time we add a new company and a new city to our network!

Are you a Brewery with questions? No problem send us an email at the the sale@brew-ez.com with the name of your brewery and a name and number we can reach you at. We will call you to answer your questions and then schedule a demo.